Discover the Biblical truth behind cultural distinctives.


Jesus came teaching. The task of the Great Commission is to go into the world and do as He did: teach. Reformation will always have at the forefront of its agenda the restoration of substantive discipleship.


Man is made in the image of God. God is, as a part of His nature, a Creator. Man is therefore made to create. When reformation happens, art flourishes.


God reveals Himself to us in words. God’s words always tell stories. Therefore, storytelling is not only how we know truth, but how we express truth.


Music is the voice of true worship. When Reformation happens, music is invigorated and infiltrates every corner of life and culture.


God gives His people in law the means by which they can organize themselves, create real community, and enforce justice. As a result, politics is one of the most practical expressions of a society’s worldview. When reformation occurs, politics becomes a force for good.


Reformation always produces the beauty of human relationships. A Christian culture will always be best expressed in communities coming together for the benefit of all – the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the beloved and the neglected.


Grantian Florilegium

Dr. Grant’s random rants, musings, and observations about whatever he is reading or thinking or doing at the moment.

The Quick and the Dead

Planned Parenthood’s Brazen Legacy of Debauchery, Defilement, and Death


It isn’t ten or twelve. Nor is it three or seven.

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