Even More E Logomorphs

Empty-Vee:  The vapid contentlessness and valuelessness of current TV programming.

Environmentia:  A worldview dominated by whatever the latest ideological rant may be.

Errstats:  Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Establishmentality:  The inability to think beyond accepted institutional/ideological parameters.

Ethoplegic:  A malady that suddenly paralyzes the ethical scruples of elected  officials once they arrive in Washington.

Europa Nervosa:  A condition resulting from the geo-political instability of Europe.

Europhoria:  The ecstatic mirth that centralizing politicians exude over the possibility of saving the economies and bureaucracies of a united Europe.

Evangeneric:  The bland mainstream of American civil religion.

Evangerenity:  An ethically suspect mish-mash of Evangelical Christianity and Twelve-Step serenity pop-psycho-babble.

E-Vangelist:  A proselytizing internet enthusiast.

Exaspirin: A child-proof medicine bottle that proves to be very nearly adult-proof as well.

by Dr. George Grant

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