The President’s Favorite Charity Shelters Pedophiles

For years now, various researchers have exposed the efforts of Planned Parenthood and its abortion industry minions to cover up the crimes of pedophiles while performing their child-killing procedures on underage girls. But now, a new study has added fresh revelations to that horrific scandal.

Life Dynamics has posted a startling new report on it’s Child Predators site. Founder Mark Crutcher explains just what that report found:
“We reviewed criminal cases in which men have been convicted of sexual relationships with minor girls,” he says. “During those trials it was revealed that child victims had been taken to an abortion clinic or a Planned Parenthood facility but no report was made, despite mandatory reporting laws. This allowed the abuse of the child to continue afterward.”
Some of the girls were 6 to 8 years old, he reports, and abuse continued for several years until they became pregnant–and then the abuser took the girl for an abortion.
“Between 60 and 80 percent of the minor girls in this country who get pregnant were not impregnated by other minors, they were impregnated by adults,” Crutcher says.
“It is a national scandal that this is allowed to go on,” Crutcher argues, “and the main reason that it does go on is because these pedophiles know that the worst thing that can happen to them is that the girl gets pregnant–but then all they have to do is take her to one of these places, and nobody will say anything.”
This cover-up needs to end, but Crutcher asserts neither abortion clinics nor authorities will presently take any action. In addition, he is concerned that all too many parents are not overly concerned either—unless of course, they discover that it’s their daughter who is being victimized.

As if the horror of abortion were not enough, this study reveals that the evil of Planned Parenthood and its child-killing minions is even more brazen than we might have thought.

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