Symbols of Hate

So, as long as we’re banning symbols of intolerance, oppression, and hate, let’s not forget the worst offenders of all.










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  1. Jason Prather

    I was wondering if you could recommend any literature about the TRUTH of Margret Sanger’s racist views against blacks, in the news Since Herman Cain to Dr. Ben Carson I have heard that Sanger was against blacks and wanted to exterminate them, which goes along with what I believe, i.e. her picture at a KKK rally and making the speech with it however there have been some conflicting articles from the liberal side on this, an article has even mentioned that Dr Martin Luther King Jr ACCEPTED some Sanger award so I’m trying to find literature, articles, or whatever to find out the truth (as much as we know for sure). Please let me know if you can. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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