Shades of Caesar

While the new regime of socialized medicine under Obamacare is designed to benefit child-killing behemoths like Planned Parenthood, it will put the squeeze on child-saving hospitals like St. Jude, according to a new report from the Daily Caller.

A provision in Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code, which takes effect under Obamacare, gives federal bureaucrats a whole new arsenal of weapons, including sweeping investigative powers and the imposition of financial penalties–aimed at tax-exempt charitable hospitals which devote a minimum amount of their expenses to treat the uninsured poor.

The justification for this draconian imposition on institutions that serve the least and the last? It seems that charity to the poor is one of the factors that could discourage enrollment in Obamacare, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance.

In other words, we will all be punished if we dare try do the right things.

The bottom line is simply that the federal government will tolerate no rivals in its bid to impose its comprehensive program of cradle-to-grave control. Shades of Caesar: “And Jesus said to them, ‘The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and those in authority over them are called benefactors.’” (Luke 22:25)

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