C Logomorphs

Cacophantasy:  The noisome notions of mindless debauchery that pass for “having a good time” among the young and restless.

Celefeign:  Someone who is famous for being famous—a celebrity with no discernable talent.

Cleresy:  Religious error perpetrated under the cloak of respectible clerical authority.

Codependustry:  The therapeutic industry that has been built up around the specious notions of pop-psychology.

Compascism:  Coercive pseudo-compassion—another name for our failing and flailing welfare system.

Consciousness razing:  The curious practice of defiling young minds through modern educational innovations.

Copapathetic:  Blithe acceptance of the tragic and the pathetic.

Cornea Gumbo:  Topological or graphical gobbledy-gook—eye candy.

Correctigensia:  The self-appointed enforcers of Political Correctness—the mind-fashion police.

Cyberbarian:  A high tech barbarian.

Cyberpork:  Government subsidies of high tech industries.

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