The Great Awakening touched every sectionof the colonial domains of England in the New World—from northern-most NewEngland to southern-most Georgia. And its impact was enormous. Interestingly, this cultural and spiritual phenomenon was entirelydriven by grassroots evangelism and community cooperation, as Lawrence Tribble’slittle ditty, “Awaken,” illustrates. 
I found this bit of verse at a Bostonlibrary about 20 years ago.  It hadbeen tucked away in the back of a Revolutionary War era Bible, lost for over200 years.
The contemporary Christian music group,Leeland, has now set these lyrics to music for their upcoming CD, “The GreatAwakening.”  I couldn’t be morepleased for a new generation to hear—and heed:
One man awake,
The secondawakens
            Hisnext-door brother.
The three awakecan rouse a town
            Thewhole place
The many awake
            Canmake such a fuss
It finallyawakens
            Therest of us.
One man up,
            Withdawn in his eyes,
            It multiplies.

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