2nd Vote App

Do you know where Planned Parenthood gets its money?  Besides the nearly $1 billion in tax revenues and contracts at the local, state, and national levels, corporations lard the coffers of the abortion industry’s largest and most profitable non-profit organization to the tune of nearly another half a billion each year. That’s a lot of blood money.

But of course, you can staunch the bleeding.  Just by the way you shop–or rather, by the way you choose not to shop with those companies that do the most damage.

And now, there is a convenient app to help.  The 2nd Vote app is available now for IOS, Kindle, and Android.  It is a must-have tool in the arsenal of every concerned citizen.
Get yours today.  Visit the 2nd Vote website, the iTunes store, Amazon for Kindle, or the Android store–and don’t spend another dime with the companies that are despoiling our culture and robbing our future.

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