In This Hour

“If ever there was a crisis in our history, when courage and consistency have been more called for, it is the day on which we have now fallen, when the poison of false and hollow principle is undermining our strength from within, and thousands of our deadliest enemies from without are on the tiptoe of high expectancy for a coming …

A Most Unmanly Surrender

“I am afraid there has been a most unmanly surrender of Christianity and of all that strength and honor which belong to it, that so much authority has been given to the conceptions of a narrow and ignorant bigotry as to have laid open our religion to the scorn of philosophers, and to have brought down upon her the contempt …

Of Parish Life

The smiling little cottage, where at eve He meets his rosy children at the door, Prattling their welcomes, and his honest wife, With good brown cake and bacon slice, intent To cheer his hunger after labor hard: Such is the heart, the soul, the very essence, Of parish life: the hearth, the home, domesticity. Thomas Chalmers

Running toward the Roar

“Gospel preaching always requires great courage, both to execute and to tolerate, for it must ever needs be a running toward a lion’s roar. And, we run together.” Thomas Chalmers  

Extracting Hope

“It is not from the secret counsels of Heaven, of which all are ignorant, but the open communications of Heaven, to which all have access, that we extract hope.” Thomas Chalmers

Slow Down and Rest

“I have often felt that the bustle of too active and varied sphere of exertion is adverse to the growth of one’s personal and spiritual Christianity.” Thomas Chalmers

Free Agents and Non-Partisans

“It appears to us that a Christian minister cannot keep himself in the true path of consistency at all, without refusing to each of the parties all right of appropriation. . . He who cares for neither of two rivaling political parties is the onl…

All of Grace

‎”What sweet consolations, what deft motivations, what strong demonstrations there are for us in the grace of our God.” Thomas Chalmers