From Gileskirk to Greyfiars


Knox, Buchannan, and the Heroes of Scotland’s Reformation

This volume includes stories of Mary Queen of Scots, John Knox, and the heroes of Scotland’s reformation. Scott marshals all his narrative power for the sake of love – love of family, place, and legacy.

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This is the second volume in Sir Walter Scott’s story of his beloved Scotland. It recounts the momentous events that took place during the Reformation. With the colorful figures of John Knox, George Buchanan, and Mary Queen of Scots on center stage, here Scott delineates the distinctions between Scottish history and that of all other nations.

These stories proved to be the most intimate, most accessible, and most dramatic of all the tales Scott ever presented to his readers. From William Wallace and Robert the Bruce to John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots, from the subjugation of Rob Roy and the rising of the Jacobites to the crusade of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the quest of the Duke of Cumberland, these Tales from a Scottish Grandfather covered the entire romantic story of Scotland as a grandfather would tell it to his grandchildren, for Scott specifically addressed them to his ten year old grandson. Scott focuses all of his narrative power for the sake of love- love of family, love of place, and love of legacy. This history of Scotland is the richer for it.